Google Plus Adds Games

For a long while Google has been trying to enter the video game market and today this has become a reality, as the company added a new “Games” section into their Google+ social network. It should be noted that not all users can access this feature yet, but those who can, will notice a new icon at the top of their home page. This section has a selection of over a dozen titles and most of these are extremely popular: Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz, Zynga Poker and Dragon Age Legends are just a few of the featured games.

According to Google, all these games will be available to all Google+ users really soon. Additionally, the titles have social functionality integrated, so players will be able to see when their friends are making progress on the games, invite them to play together and see their updates. These updates will be displayed on the game’s tab and not on the service’s main page, allowing those people who don’t really care about games to simply ignore them. Facebook has always been criticized for spamming their users with many updates whenever something new happened at a friend’s farm, and Google’s initiative may prove to be a little less burdensome.

Google is still lagging behind its main competitor Facebook for a significant margin, but the new service has been growing steadily and in just a month they’ve had more than 25 million registered users. Facebook has more than 750 million active ones, indicating that one in every 14 people on the planet has an account on the social network.