New PSP Model Coming to Europe Only

Wait, what? Yes, today at Gamescom Sony officially unveiled a new model of the handheld system. The announcement was made by CEO Jim Ryan, who belongs to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. He stated that the recently launched PSP Essential lineup was so successful that the company decided to release a new model of the portable system that’ll be much more affordable.

This new PSP will only be released in Europe and it’ll be available for €99, but it won’t have Wi-Fi capabilities so users will not be able to access the PlayStation Store through this new piece of hardware. Additionally, the system looks really different to previous models, but according to Sony all the other capabilities will be retained (like Ad-Hoc support.) A precise release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

This announcement is really inexplicable, especially taken into account that this would be the portable’s forth revision and the previous one (the PSP 3000) was quite well received by users and it wasn’t really that expensive. Furthermore, the PlayStation Vita is expected to come out next year and the company should definitely be focusing on that hardware.

For those of you who don’t know, Gamescom is an annual video game fair and convention that takes place in Cologne, Germany, where the most respected developers have an opportunity to show their upcoming titles and new hardware.