Ocarina of Time 3D Sells a Million Units

Nintendo revealed their financial results for the quarter and according to these, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D sold 1.08 million units worldwide. The remake has been doing quite well, even though the Nintendo 3DS hasn’t been selling as well as expected, and the fact that the company is losing money by the minute probably complicates things significantly.

Basically, these numbers reveal how well people have been responding to the game and it seems ironic that the handheld’s best-seller is a remake of a 13 year old title. When the last quarter ended in June, Ocarina of Time sold approximately 270,000 copies in Japan and 810,000 elsewhere. Furthermore, it should also be considered that the game made it to the top ten best sellers in the United States.

Additionally, other Nintendo games reaching the million sales are Pokémon: Black and White, which sold 1.36 million in the quarter combined, and Mario Kart Wii (originally released in April 2008), selling 1.22 million.

Ocarina of Time is an action-adventure video game developed by Grezzo and Nintendo for the 3DS console. The remake features the original version of the game, as well as some other interesting extra features like rearranged dungeons in the Master Quest version of the game, 3D effects and updated graphics. The game received critical acclaim and reviewers praised its updated visuals, gameplay and the new “Boss Challenge” mode.