PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.70 Is Here

The upcoming PlayStation 3 firmware update will feature the automatic syncing of Trophies to a player’s online profile, keeping accounts a little more up to date. Unfortunately, this addition will be available to PlayStation Plus users only. Other PlayStation Plus features include automatic online game saves, so in other words, users will be able to upload their saves into the cloud in case they need to restore them for some reason. When a player first starts playing a game he’ll be asked if he would like to enable this feature automatically for that title specifically. If not, he can do that later via the Xross Media Bar. This is a really convenient and painless way of doing it.

For the rest of the players who don’t belong to the PlayStation Plus program yet this update includes a new recommendation feature. Through this, users will be able to recommend PlayStation Store content to their friends. Furthermore, a new “TV/Video Services” section will be integrated into the Xross Media Bar. Apparently, this new category will include new online video services like Netflix and Hulu. All the videos purchased from the PSN will still be available in the regular video section.

Finally, many other updates are included, and these are related to the 3D capabilities of Blu-Ray movies. Also, some Japanese accounts (this hasn’t been confirmed yet) have PSP Remasters included in the menu allowing players to modify settings like Ad-Hoc, 3D and the size of the screen. This firmware update is now available for everyone to download.