The PC Version of Battlefield 3 Will Require Origin

A few days ago, Electronic Arts stated that their upcoming first-person military shooter will be released on various services apart from Origin, but today Gamespot confirmed that PC users will have to use the digital distribution service if they want to play the game. In other words, if you get the game on any other service and you want to play it, you are still required to use Origin to do so.

Community manager Daniel Matros has confirmed this through his Twitter account . When somebody asked about the rumors that users needed Origin to play DVD versions of Battlefield 3, the manager said: “Yes those “rumors” are true :)”

Electronic Arts has been trying to force people to use the service for a while now and the company even decided not to release this particular title on Steam. They did say that Battlefield 3 is coming to North America through other services and retailers like Amazon, Impulse, Gamestop and Direct2Drive among others. But considering that Steam has more than 300 million active users, the decision seems inadequate to say the least.

Battlefield is coming out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 25. For a complete list of all digital retailers please visit the game’s official site here.