Twisted Metal Embracing M rating

According to video game designer David Jaffe, the upcoming Twisted Metal reboot will be released on October 4 with a Mature rating. He told this at the Twisted Metal panel at Comic-Con and the news has been confirmed by GameSpot.

Apparently, Twisted Metal received an M rating for its dark live-sequences and not for the content of the game itself. These were chosen to tell the main story and are disturbingly violent, but also quite original and unique. It should be taken into account that this is not the first game in the franchise in receiving an M rating, Twisted Metal: Black was. Black had a very interesting online multiplayer component and also featured a dark tone, and even though the game was praised by most critics and made it to Sony’s Greatest Hits lineup it still didn’t sell as well as expected.

Even though this reboot has a major single-player component, it focuses more on multiplayer combat where matches of up to 16 players will take place. Additionally, the game has a 4 player split-mode and players will be able to choose new vehicles (the one that probably stands out the most is Sweet Tooth’s ice cone truck), weapons and characters. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, but it has yet to be announced if Twisted Metal is set in the same universe as previous iterations.

Developed by Eat Sleep Play and published by SCE exclusively for the PlayStation 3, the game will be the eighth installment in the series. It’s ironic that Twisted Metal started as a downloadable PSN game and eventually became so amazing that it was expanded to a full retail title. Furthermore, it seems like the M rating suits the game quite well and it’s good to know that developers are willing to take chances on ratings rather than compromising their franchises.