Xbox 360 Wireless Headset and New Media Remote Out This November

Even though Microsoft usually creates really good software the company has always struggled with hardware.  For example last year, Microsoft unveiled an Xbox 360 controller with a transforming D pad.  The peripheral was basically the same controller but with an improved, redesigned and patented D pad, as players had always complained about the one included in their regular 360 joystick.

Fortunately for those people who don’t like Microsoft hardware, Redmond will be launching two new and enhanced peripherals which will replace the preexisting ones: a $ 60 Bluetooth headset (ten dollars more expensive than the regular one) and a $ 20 media remote. Both will be available in November 2011.

Additionally and apart from the Xbox 360, the Bluetooth set will be compatible with PCs, PlayStation 3s and some mobile phones. The media playback remote allows players to access live television, a service that was officially announced at the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Hopefully, we’ll have more information about live TV soon.