All Vita Games Available as Downloads

For some reason, not every single game is available as a download on the PlayStation Network to play it on the PSP. This has been considered a really noteworthy omission as some players like to just download digital versions of their favorite titles in their Memory Sticks with large amounts of data and take their consoles whenever they go. This adds even more portability to an already portable console, and it’s great for those users who don’t like travelling with their massive UMD collection.

Sony is planning to solve this issue as they have confirmed at Gamescom that all PlayStation Vita games will be downloadable from the PSN. It seems like the company convinced all the third party developers and they’ll be trying to embrace digital versions of all the games that Sony will be putting out for the handheld in the future.

In any way and even though this public announcement is probably true, the company didn’t say if it’s true that every single game that comes out for the portable console will be downloadable, so if something new happens I’ll definitely let you know. On the other hand, if this turns up to be true, it seems like a step in the right direction.