Modern Warfare 3 Will Have Dedicated Servers on the PC

As most Call of Duty fans already know, Modern Warfare 2 didn’t support dedicated servers. Fortunately, this won’t be a problem in Modern Warfare 3 as the upcoming military shooter will include this possibility. This has been revealed at Gamescom, and it has also been confirmed by both GiantBomb and 1UP. According to these sources, dedicated servers will be free for PC users and they’ll be available as soon as the game launches.

Players have always complained about the mismanagement of dedicated servers, as Black Ops required users to rent them from another company and Modern Warfare 2 lacked the feature completely. For the latter, Activision decided to create IWNet a service that allowed matchmaking in a more convenient and painless way. Unfortunately, the software turned some people off as setting up matches with certain characteristics (like maps, rules, etc.) was extremely difficult.

Additionally and regarding the news, many experts already say that apparently, in these dedicated servers it’ll be much easier for players to cheat. This can become a serious issue if we take into account that Activision will be giving millions of dollars at various tournaments, so some kind of restriction should be expected for those people who want to play in these servers.