PS3 Price Drops to $249

Apart from announcing a new PSP model exclusive to Europe, Sony also confirmed that the price of the PlayStation 3 will be dropping to $249 in America, €249 in Europe and ¥24,980 in Japan. Today, there were many rumors about this and they turned up to be true.

In addition, it’s actually really surprising that the price of the PS3 will be the same as the price of the basic version of the upcoming PlayStation Vita. The latter will cost $249 with Wi-Fi only and the 3G support model will cost $299.

The price drop is global and has immediate effect, so if you happen to go to a store to buy the console and you see that it’s available at the old price you should demand the people in charge to change it to the proper one. Finally, it seems like Sony really wanted to impress people as they currently have announced price drops in both of their current consoles. Let’s just wait to see what the consumer’s reactions towards these are.