Activision Confirms Release Date for Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Pack

For a while, Microsoft and Activision have maintained an exclusivity deal and as a consequence, the Xbox 360 usually gets Call of Duty map packs sooner than the PlayStation 3.  Almost a month has passed since the last release, so Activision has announced that the Rezurrection map pack will now be available for the PS3 and PC on September 22.

According to GameSpot, this pack will cost $14.99 and will include 5 new maps for the zombie mode, a “Moon” theme and an improved soundtrack. Four of the featured maps are remakes of old ones taken from Call of Duty: World at War (“Nacht der Untoten,” “Verruckt,” “Shi No Numa,” and “Der Riese.”) The fifth one, on the other hand, is completely new and it’ll allow players to slay zombies in a lunar base.

Furthermore, these four maps were previously included in the Prestige and Hardened Editions of Black Ops. Those players who own any of these iterations can download the pack for free in order to get the new content (the Moon map, the enhanced soundtrack and theme.)