Battlefield 3 Sells Five Million on Week One

Last week I wrote an article stating that Battlefield 3 has shipped more than 10 million units, hinting that the game was going to be a resounding success. This week, Electronic Arts and DICE confirmed that the title has already sold five million units globally, marking the biggest debut for a game in the franchise, something very surprising especially if we consider that Battlefield 3 will soon be directly competing with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

It should be noted that these numbers represent estimates from Electronic Arts, but if this sales figures are to be believed that would also make Battlefield 3 the fastest-selling game in the company’s history. Additionally, the title’s early success is strongly related to the very effective marketing campaign that surrounded it.

Although many critics and fans of the franchise heavily criticized the short and disappointing single-player campaign, the game’s strongest point is its multiplayer and it seems like EA is treating players with the utmost respect as online servers suffered little to no problems at all. Previous to the game’s official release analysts were already predicting that Battlefield 3 was going to sold around 8 million copies, but even though this figure is more than surprising, it will definitely be smaller than Modern Warfare 3´s sales figures.

The modern first-person shooter came out on October 25 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and was praised by the specialized press.

As usual, I’ll make reference to previous games in the franchise. This week let’s reminisce about one of the most beloved titles in the series: Battlefield Vietnam.

Battlefield Vietnam is the second game in the series and was developed by Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts on March 15, 2004 in North America. This first-person shooter is set in the Vietnam War and interestingly enough makes myriad references to both the conflict itself and to other events that were happening at the same time. In addition, Battlefield Vietnam was considered a significantly improved game when compared to its predecessor (Battlefield 1942) as this game features new maps based on historical battles, factions, weapons, soundtrack and vehicles.

Something quite interesting about the shooter is that some of its sequences were heavily inspired by movies based on the Vietnam conflict and that would make Battlefield Vietnam one of the first shooters to tell a story in such a cinematic way. Furthermore, there were many interesting modifications (or mods) available for download and some of them were even developed by DICE, proving what the graphics engine was really capable of.

Battlefield Vietnam was praised by the Battlefield community and critics for its top-notch gameplay, good graphics and wide array of vehicles, weapons and mods. The game also had a strong multiplayer component that it’s still played by many fans of the series. The single player campaign on the other hand, wasn’t well received for the poor enemy AI.

As a fan of old titles, I’m actually really interested in playing this game on my notebook. So how well do you think it holds up?