Battlefield 3 Ships 10 Million Units

I think it’s already safe to say that Battlefield 3 has lived up to the hype and apparently it’s also safe to say that the game has been a huge success. Both EA and DICE were expecting Battlefield 3 to be one of their biggest releases of the last few years and up to now they have nothing to complain about as early reports indicate that the first-person military shooter game has already shipped 10 million units. According to GameSpot, EA has stated that this has been the strongest launch day shipment for the publisher.

10 million units is nothing new for the video game industry, but it’s still quite surprising and this seems to represent a new bench mark for the publisher. Additionally, the response from both critics and the community has been great and EA’s new digital distribution service called Origin has also been praised. It should be noted that the platform is a requirement for those who play the PC version of the game.

Although most players are probably engaged in Battlefield 3 combats, I think it would me meaningful to make reference to previous games in the franchise to see how it all began:

Battlefield 1942 was the first game in the battlefield series and it came out on September 10, 2002 for Microsoft Windows. The title featured both single-player and multiplayer campaigns (where up to 64 players could participate,) quickly becoming quite popular among the mod community as the game received various total conversion modifications. Although some of the game’s inclusions seem to be quite primitive when compared to newer titles in the franchise, Battlefield 1942 was simply superb. The player could assume one of five classes (Scout, Assault, Anti-Tank, Medic, and Engineer) and they could fly, navigate or drive many different vehicles. Each battlefield represented a historical place where actual battles occurred in World War II and both the Axis and the Allies were represented. Its cooperative nature, innovative gameplay, variety of classes and vehicles, stupendous multiplayer action and huge battlefields made Battlefield 1942 one of the greatest games in the genre. Unfortunately, its single player mode felt empty and lacked variety. Apart from the aforementioned mods, Battlefield 1942 received two official expansions: The Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of World War II.

Three years later, Battlefield II came out for Microsoft Windows. Developed by Digital Illusions CE (DICE) and published by Electronic Arts, the title incorporated elements from the first-person shooter, strategy and role-playing game genres. The main story takes place in modern times during a fictional conflict between several factions which include: China, the European Union, Russia and the United States. While the single-player mode only let 16 controlled players to participate simultaneously, the multiplayer portion of the game allowed 64 player matches. Many important changes were made to the basic gameplay as Battlefield II featured squads, a commander, perks (like awards, badges, medals, etc.) a battlefield recorder and new maps. The game sold more than 2 million units and it received universal acclaim for being well balanced, for offering a unique experience and for representing a huge upgrade when compared to its predecessors.

It’s been a long time since these titles were released and even though most people are really excited to play Battlefield 3, it’s nice to go back to previous games in the franchise just to see how much has changed since the first game in the series came out.