Call of Duty Elite Premium Service Costs $50 Per Year and Has the Following Features

A while ago Activision unveiled a new service exclusive for Call of Duty games called Elite. Initially, the response from the community wasn’t so great, mainly because everyone thought that the company was going to start charging money for content that is currently free. Activision kept saying that they would never do something like that and on September 2 at the fan convention event known as Call of Duty XP, the company explained what the subscription service really is.

Call of Duty Elite will cost $49.99 per year and it’ll allow users to get all the available downloadable content. This is called the “premium membership.” Something quite interesting is that the DLC will remain even if players cancel their Elite subscription. Soon after the announcement, many people said that this is great, as usually, all the DLC costs $60 so it seems like a pretty good deal right off the bat. Premium members can also gain access to daily tournaments for both virtual and real-life prizes, up to 24 minutes of HD recordable video and access to Elite TV. Competitions will be moderated and organized by real humans to avoid cheating and players of all different skills levels will be able to compete.

Regarding Elite TV, two different programs were announced. The first one is called Noob Tube where two actors will be collaborating and the second one is called Friday Night Fights. Call of Duty Elite also has a free version that features Facebook integration, clan support and access to various applications for mobile devices.