Chrono Trigger Is Coming to iOS

There have been multiple versions of Chrono Triger over the years, as apart from the SNES original version, the game has been released for the PlayStation (in a special package called Final Fantasy: Chronicles which also had Final Fantasy IV,) Mobile Phones, Nintendo DS (which contained all the bonus material from all the previous versions, along with an improved translation, two possible control schemes and a dual-screen mode,) Virtual Console and PlayStation Network. Well, for all those who haven’t played this classic role-playing game, well… shame on you! And wait a little while, as soon you’ll be able to enjoy this critically acclaimed title on iOS devices.

For the past few years, Square Enix has been heavily supporting the iOS market as the Japanese-based company has been putting out multiple games for these mobile platforms and even though certain titles are direct adaptations or ports, others are exclusive for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. One of the most popular titles is Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, but the game has also been criticized for having multiple issues as it doesn’t run as well on iOS as it did on the PlayStation Portable. Additionally, the port costs $15.99 and it lacks the multiplayer mode.

In any case, the iOS version of Chrono Trigger will be released this December and it’ll apparently include touch controls, menu screens and in-game text will be available in various languages. Still, this intends to be a faithful port of the original SNES version, but let’s just hope that it performs well on iOS and that this isn’t a new opportunity for Square Enix to release an apparent polished up version of a classic game that has serious stability issues. Up to now, only the iPod Touch and iPhone were announced as compatible versions and many fans are already complaining that they are not getting a graphically improved version that looks great on their big iPads, but it’s worth pointing out that The War of the Lions still hasn’t come out for the latter yet.

Finally, the release date and pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Source: Kotaku


Here’s the list of games that Square Enix has been releasing for iOS for the past few years:

  • Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes
  • Hills and Rivers Remain
  • Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy II
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Voice Fantasy
  • Secret of Mana
  • Summer Story
  • Imaginary Range
  • Imaginary Range II
  • Chaos Rings (developed by Media Vision)
  • Chaos Rings Omega (developed by Media Vision)
  • Chaos Rings II (developed by Media Vision)
  • Puzzle Bobble (developed by Taito)
  • Groove Coaster (developed by Taito)
  • Drawin’ Growin (developed by Taito