Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Delayed

As most of you probably know, Valve Corporation is one of those developer companies which is well-known for delaying the release dates of their games. In this case, the American developer has announced that they will not be releasing the promised closed beta for Global Offensive because they need more feedback.

In an interview with Counter Strike: Source professional players Kyle “Ksharp” Miller and Ronald “Rambo” Kim, Chet Faliszek officially stated that Global Offensive’s next beta test will not be coming out as intended because the company needs more feedback from players.

“They gave us a lot of feedback that was obvious, things that we should get in the game before we release [the beta], otherwise we’re going to be getting a lot of bug reports or a lot of feedback that would just be redundant,” Faliszek said.

This is more than understandable as Counter Strike has always been an extremely balanced game and even the slightest mistake can affect this perfect equilibrium. Moreover, the players who have been invited to test an early version of the game are either pro-gamers or game experts and most of them have been playing Counter-Strike for years so their feedback is quite important for Valve.

Furthermore, the beta is expected to hold around 10,000 players, but this number will gradually increase as the game becomes more stable. “The biggest thing of those first 10,000 is we have to look at percentage of crashes,” Faliszek said. “You can argue with us on bullet-spray patterns and all kind of things, but crashes? There’s really no argument for that. It shouldn’t be happening.”

When the closed beta is released, it’ll contain one or two maps and more content (weapons, maps, add-ons and so on) will be added later. The writer finally said that the beta will end when they feel that it’s ready (referring to both Valve and the community involved.) It should also be noted that the full retail version of the game was expected to hit stores in 2012 and Valve hasn’t confirmed their new plans for this. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will come out for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

As somebody who played a lot of the original Counter-Strike back when it was a mod of Half-Life and really enjoyed it, I can’t avoid thinking what Valve is going to do to appeal those who are still playing Counter-Strike 1.6 or Counter Strike: Source. Both games are still extremely popular and even though some players will be eager to try this new and updated version, the Counter Strike community hasn’t received drastic changes very well. I guess only time will tell.


Source: GameSpot

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