Diablo III Closed Beta Begins

Blizzard is well known for putting out its games whenever the company feels they are ready, and usually that is strongly related to the game’s quality. In order to maintain the trend, Blizzard has announced that the public beta for Diablo III has begun and they sent out some invites. Those who got one of the aforementioned invites need to log on to Battlenet.com and download the client in order to start playing. This version comes only in English, but the final release will have multiple languages.

Additionally, for all the rest who want a beta and haven’t received one yet, Blizzard stated that they will be handing out some more through various promotions. The beta features Act I in its entirety and players will be able to select one of five different classes of characters (Demon Hunter, Barbarian, Witch, Wizard and Monk) to play the single or multiplayer version of the game. It should be taken into account that both versions require you to have a constant internet connection.

Diablo III still doesn’t have an official release date, but the rumor says it’ll be somewhere around 2012. Let’s hope so.