Dota 2 Release Date Pushed Up

Dota 2 is an upcoming action strategy game developed by Valve Corporation and successor to the popular Warcraft III custom map Defense of the Ancients. Yesterday, the publisher posted an update in the official Dota 2 blog which said that they are hoping to release the game much earlier than planned.

DotA 2 (Steam)According to the blog post, Valve was planning to spend the next year testing the beta version of the title, but apparently, the feedback the company has received from users for the past few months has been so useful that they are reconsidering the model they have followed as “[the] original plan was dumb,” the blog stated. Basically, the new plan consists of putting out the game as soon as they can. It should be noted that for a while Dota 2 will be invite-only, but there will be little to no restriction for all those players who are invited, as they will be able to take screenshots, make videos and so forth.

Furthermore, Valve is also planning regular updates that’ll feature new heroes and many other improvements. Unfortunately, there are still some things that have to be revealed, as the business plan is yet to be announced and there’s no official release date. For more information about the game visit the official site.