Free Portal 2 DLC Now Here

A while ago Valve promised that they were going to be releasing some free DLC for Portal 2, and even though it took much longer than expected the set of downloadable content is finally here. The company officially announced that players will be able to download “Peer Review” on every platform (PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) on Tuesday, October 4. Additionally, the DLC will be available for free.

Portal 2: Peer Review features both single-player and cooperative campaigns which will include a Challenge mode with Leaderboard support. Furthermore the coop has an exclusive adventure of P-Body and Atlas, allowing them to be part of a new test track.

Also, to complement the launch of the free DLC, Valve has officially announced that the last of the three soundtrack volumes will be released as a free download. In total, the three volumes offer 64 songs and some additional ringtones. The soundtrack can be downloaded here.

Portal 2 is the sequel to 2007s Portal, one of the most interestingly unique games of the past few years. The title allows players to create portals in order to move through various dimensions. For more information about the title read my review.