Infinity Blade II Revealed for the Recently Announced iPhone 4

At a special event held yesterday, Apple officially announced the latest version of the iPhone: the iPhone 4. The touchscreen-based phone represents the fourth iteration of the gadget and it incorporates some quite interesting features that I’ll be describing here. Although this article doesn’t intend to offer an extensive and meticulous description of the new iPhone 4, I think it’ll offer a general idea of what this new iteration means for the industry:

First of all, the iPhone 4 has been completely redesigned, incorporating a new stainless steel frame which is used as the system’s antenna. Allegedly, the phone’s new processor has twice the power and has the ability to process seven times faster graphics. Additionally, the 5MP camera has been improved to an 8MP one and users will be able to shoot video in 1080p in comparison to the previous 720p of the older model of the phone. Apple has also upgraded the iPhone’s storage offering up to 64GB of internal storage, something that it’s not exactly surprising, especially if we take into account that the camera uses such a high resolution for capturing video.

After the announcement of the iPhone 4, Apple showed Epic Games’ latest title, Infinity Blade II. The game will be coming out on December 1 exclusively for iOS devices and it’ll allow cloud saves for the game and profiles. Moreover, Infinity Blade II will feature new environments, treasures, enemies, weapons and various online features. There’s a mode called Clash Mob which will allow players to participate in multiple social challenges to earn special items and weapons. This description seems quite similar to games like Monster Hunter, a title that rewards those players who are willing to play with others in a cooperative fashion.

Infinity Blade II was also shown from a more technical perspective and the video demo showed dynamic lighting which was apparently rendered in real time. This was made possible thanks to the versatile Unreal Engine 3 which also provides amazing graphics. It should be taken into account that even though you’ll be able to play on any iOS device (old iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch) the game apparently looks so much better on the recently released iPhone 4.

The original Infinity Blade was critically acclaimed for its beautiful graphics, innovative mechanics, deep gameplay and addictive nature. The game is quite well known for effectively demonstrating what the iPhone was really capable of. Infinity Blade was technically impressive and it became such a huge success that it has received three major updates since its release. If you are one of those people who doesn’t really like the more casual experiences maybe you should reconsider as Infinity Blade II looks simply amazing.

If you don’t believe me watch the following trailer:

Furthermore, the company also released Infinity Blade: Awakening, a novella written by popular author Brandon Sanderson. Finally, the game’s price hasn’t been set yet, so expect an official announcement soon, I’ll keep reporting about Infinity Blade as soon as I have more information about the title.


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