Minecraft Is Officially Finished, It’s Done, It’s Completed

Yes, it’s official. The extremely popular sandbox independent game created by Markus “Notch” Persson and developed by Mojang has gone gold. This seems quite strange because people have been playing the alpha and beta versions for about three years now and nobody really remembered that the game is actually not the definitive version. Fortunately for fans of the indie game that’ll change soon, as this Friday the official launch of the title will take place in Las Vegas at a special convention called Minecon.

Previous versions of Minecraft have been released through the main website and all those who bought the title were actually helping fund its development. Paying for it meant that players could get early access to subsequent builds of the game and they could also get the official release. Eventually, Minecraft proved to be a huge success and this model was an immense part of it. Soon enough, its popularity rose even more as every single blog was talking about the game and even some major sites started discussing Minecraft’s unique qualities.

For many this game is all about building with blocks and exploring huge three-dimensional regions, but for others, Minecraft is a platform in which they can unleash their creativity. Up to now, around four million players have bought and enjoy the title, making it one of the most successful PC games of the past few years.

Minecraft is so big that it even has its own convention. The special event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 18-19 of November, where the community will celebrate the official launch of the game. For all those who can’t attend the convention (which is currently sold out,) they can watch the live streaming as IGN will be in charge of the coverage of the event.

In addition, many other versions are being created as we speak. Official releases for both iOS and Android are currently being developed and are expected to be released soon. In fact, I think a portable version of the game would actually work extremely well if done correctly, as Minecraft seems extremely suitable to play on the go. There have been many unofficial ports that were released for both the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable, proving that people really wanted to enjoy this game on handhelds. Additionally, an Xbox 360 version with Kinect support is also under development by 4J Studios, which was in charge of ports of popular titles such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PS3,) Banjo-Kazooie (XBLA,) and Perfect Dark (XBLA,) among others.

Although Persson tweeted that the game has gone gold and that the final version will be unveiled soon, this doesn’t mean that Minecraft is over. New updates and content will be coming out as usual, expanding the basic functionality of the title. In the meantime, Mojang will also be focusing on a new project titled Scrolls.

For more information visit the official developer’s website

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