More Details on Final Fantasy Type-0

At the moment, nobody quite knows if Final Fantasy Type-0 will be released outside of Japan. The game should be out in North America and Europe sometime next year, but Square Enix hasn’t confirmed anything yet. What we do know about the title is that it’ll be coming out in two UMDs instead of one and Japanese users will be able to download a digital version through PSN.

It should be noted that last year, Square Enix released a physical copy of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and the company refused to release the title through the online service. In fact, for the past few years Square Enix didn’t released many of its titles on PSN. For example, if you want to play Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core you have to buy the UMD version of the game as it’s not available in any other format.

Additionally, Japan will soon see the release of a special collector’s edition of Type-0. According to 1UP, the package will feature a 24-page postcard book, a three-disc soundtrack and a unique box. Those who buy this special edition will also get a copy of the game. Final Fantasy Type-0 will be out in Japan on October 27.