Netflix Adds Video Game Rentals to its Rebranded Service

Today, Netflix announced a new standalone service called Qwikster. Also, the company officially confirmed that it’ll add games to the DVD service for the first time, allowing users to borrow PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 games.

The Netflix online streaming service will also be changed, but the name will remain the same. The DVD rental service, on the other hand, will be rebranded and will be called Qwikster. Of course, the most important thing about this is the fact that the service will be adding games. Many people have said that Netflix could really benefit from video game rentals even if they have to directly compete with GameFly. It seems like this will finally become a reality.

Those people who want to rent PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 games will apparently need to pay a higher subscription fee than the regular one for movies. Unfortunately, a launch date for the service hasn’t been confirmed yet, but at least it’s really good to know that it’s definitely coming. Now that we know this I’m really interested to know what GameFly would do in response to this announcement.

For more information read the company’s latest blog entry, written by CEO Reed Hastings.