Nintendo Plans to Host a 3DS Event Before TGS

It seems like Nintendo is selling many more units after the Nintendo 3DS’ substantial price cut and things are picking up for the Japanese based company. In addition, there are many reports stating that the company will have an exclusive press conference just before Tokyo Game Show, which will take place on September 2011.

The Wall Street Journal has a report which claims that Nintendo will be hosting an event in Japan on 13th September. What the company may announce at that event still remains a mystery. Some speculate that this is a great opportunity to show some upcoming games in a more detailed way, but considering that TGS is a week later it seems quite weird.

Additionally, Sony is expected to tell more details about the PlayStation Vita launch and this is why Nintendo would want a show of its own a few days before. Furthermore, many rumors about a redesigned version of the 3DS are still circulating strongly, but nothing has been verified at the moment. Nevertheless, an event exclusive for Nintendo seems much more adequate, so expect more news about this really soon.

Giantbomb also has an article based on the same statements.