PS Vita Debuting December 17 in Japan

Sony held a Tokyo Game Show press event yesterday in which the company gave more details about the release of its upcoming portable console, the PlayStation Vita. December 17 will be the date for the Vita’s release and the handheld will be available in two different versions, the 3G model will cost 29,980 yen ($390) and the Wi-Fi only model will cost 24,980 yen ($325.)

Additionally Sony confirmed the upcoming lineup of PS Vita games. Some of the most interesting announcements were some HD remakes like Final Fantasy X (which will also be available for the PS3), Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, and Zone of the Enders 1 and 2.

The technical capabilities of the portable console were also explained. The PS Vita has music and video players, a browser and photo viewer, it allows multitasking and the handheld has Facebook and Twitter integration. It was also confirmed that most PSP games will be available digitally through the PlayStation Network.

In addition to this, AndriaSang had a report stating that the Vita will play games from 3 to 5 hours on one charge, with the screen at factory setting, Bluetooth off, using headphones and not using network features at all. For those people who want to use the multimedia capabilities the system provides five hours of video playback and nine hours of music playback on standby mode. According to the report, charging an empty battery will take 2 and 40 minutes.

Finally, GameSpot had the full list PS Vita’s launch titles:


BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend (Arc System Works)
Project NOELS (Arc System Works)
Browser Sangokushi Touch Battle (AQ Interactive)
Fish On (Kadokawa Games)
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Capcom)
Dynasty Warriors Next (Tecmo Koei)
F1 2011 (Codemasters)
Army Corps of Hell (Square Enix)
Lord of Apocalypse (Square Enix)
Shinobido 2 (Spike)
Power Smash 4 (Sega)
Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Sony)
Sawari Ma Kuru (Sony)
Minna to Issho (Sony)
Hot Shots Golf 6 (Sony)
Yuusha no Kiroku (A lifestyle application from Sony)
Monster Radar (A location-based application from Sony)
@field (Sonic Powered)
Shin Kamaitachi no Yoru (ChunSoft)
Dream Club Zero Portable (D3 Publisher)
Nico Nico (Dwango)
Disgaea 3 Return (Nippon Ichi)
Katamari Damacy No Vita (Namco Bandai)
Ridge Racer (Namco Bandai)
Dark Quest (Ubisoft)
Michael Jackson The Experience (Ubisoft)