Psychonauts Receives Big Update and Mac Version

Psychonauts is a platform video game developed by Double Fine and created by Tim Schafer. The title has been praised by critics and has gained a strong fan base since it was released and many are still waiting for a proper sequel. Although we probably won’t be seeing a sequel any time soon, today the PC version received a big update including cloud saves, Steam achievements and Mac OS X support.

Furthermore, the game includes a “slightly modified” version of Meat Circus, the last stage of the game. “We are really excited,” said Tim Schafer in the official press release “to finally be answering fans’ requests for a more difficult Meat Circus”.

Additionally, Majesco released Psychonauts Vault Viewer! a free application for iOS devices. This app allows users to “peruse the deepest, most secret thoughts of the game’s characters, while listening to newly-recorded commentary from Scott Campbell and Tim Schafer.” For all those people who are really interested in the game’s new features or for those who’ve never played it before Psychonauts is available on Steam for $9,99 USD.