Razer Announces $2800 Laptop

Early during the week Razer put out an ad stating that “PC gaming is not dead”. Though the sentence is both short and concise, nobody really knew what it meant, or at least if it was a reference to something in particular. For a few days the company didn’t say anything else about the topic, but today they confirmed an upcoming laptop that it’s supposed to change gaming and PC hardware as we know it. This portable computer is known as “Blade” and it has been presented as the “world’s first true gaming laptop” (the Alienware guys must be pretty pissed about that statement.)

These are all the technical specifications:

  • Core i7 26640M Dual-Core 2.8GHz (3.5GHz Turbo)
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 555M 2GB GDDR5
  • 8GB DRR3 1333MHz
  • 17.3 inch 1920×1080 LED backlit LCD
  • Switchblade UI
  • 60Wh battery
  • 320GB 7,200 RPM hard drive
  • 16.8inches(w)x 10.9inches(d)x .88inches(h)
  • 6.9 pounds

The laptop incorporates a Switchblade concept that allows users to adapt keys for the LCD touchscreen which can be used as a touchpad, but what’s most surprising about the product is its price: $2799.99. The Blade will be available in North America in Q4 of this year.