Rumors About Final Fantasy Type-0 Getting an International Version

Although Final Fantasy Type-0 hasn’t been released in territories other than Japan and some other Asian countries, the game is already considered a huge success. There, Type-0 has been out for a month and has sold around 682.000 units.

The latest entry in the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology has been extremely well received and even though there have been some minor complains with the game, the developer did take some risks and it has been praised for that. Additionally, it should be noted that Square Enix released two demos, one before the game was ready and one after. The latter proved to be an interesting and ultimately successful move that helped players decide if the game was for them or not and in most cases the demonstration was necessary for them to go and buy a copy.

It’s quite interesting that Type-0 began as a project that was going to be available for certain mobile phones in Japan and was going to be called Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Soon enough, the development team altered the direction in which the game was going, changing almost everything and the title became more action-oriented, something that may be extremely appealing to the American audience. The gameplay is quite similar to previous titles of the company like 3rd Birthday and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII as most battles take place in real time and the flow of the action is much more fast-paced.

Moreover and even though there hasn’t been a clear confirmation about this yet, multiple sources are indicating that Square Enix is currently developing an international version of the game along with a new title in the series. Take into account that most of this sources cite Japanese sites and interviews with the director so these articles have been translated and at times is easy to confuse certain statements. In any case, this rumor makes a lot of sense as downloadable and international versions of the game have been considered for a while and the publisher has been exploring and investigating the possibilities.

If we take into account how popular Final Fantasy is in America, Europe and other territories, I believe that it’s just a matter of time before we get an official announcement saying that the game is actually coming. In addition, the game was released in Japan in two UMD’s instead of one, so I’m more than interested in knowing what Square Enix will do regarding that as they can either release it in the same way or digitally through the PlayStation Network (something that I doubt taking into account that the Japanese-based company has always resisted to publish some of their biggest releases digitally.) I’m really looking forward to this title and as soon as I have more news I’ll post them on the site.

Source: GamingUnion