Rumors About Sony Developing a Super Smash Bros Competitor

For the past few days there have been myriad rumors stating that Sony is developing a game very similar to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. The fact that the former may be working on a title of this kind is not really that surprising as Sony has lots of popular characters that can easily fill the roster of a fighting game, but the problem with those characters is that they are arguably not as suitable or charming as the ones Nintendo features in its Super Smash Bros. franchise.

New details suggest that SuperBot Entertainment is in charge of the aforementioned project under the codename “Title Fight” and the game will apparently be coming out for the PlayStation 3. Some of the rumored characters include Nathan Drake, Sly Cooper, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Jak & Daxter, Kratos and various character models from both Little Big Planet and Everbody’s Golf, among others. Some pictures have been released which feature some of the character’s early models and backgrounds.

I think a 4-player title featuring these mascots is likely to happen, but I still think most of the characters mentioned aren’t as popular as Pikachu, Fox, Samus or Mario. It should also be taken into account that some of Sony’s characters haven’t been featured in a game for years like Parappa the Rapper and I don’t see how a cartoony looking character like that can be fighting alongside a ultrarealistic model of Nathan Drake. In any case, maybe the graphics will be much more consistent and a superdeformed style similar to Little Big Planet’s may be the answer to this predicament.

None of these rumors have been confirmed by Sony yet, but I’m pretty sure we’ll hear more details about the topic soon.

Source: Destructoid


Now, I’ll dedicate a few lines to the original Super Smash Bros.

The first Super Smash Bros is simply one of my favorite games of all time, mainly because I wasn’t an avid fan of fighting games until I tried it. Every little detail the title had was extremely appealing to me, its colorful graphics, unique gameplay, short but engaging single-player campaign and engrossing multiplayer modes were all amazing features. Additionally, it was highly replayable, featured many popular characters and each one played different to all the others. Nevertheless, what I like the most about it was that there was nothing like Super Smash Bros at the time and even though some modern titles like Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble, Onimusha Blade Warriors, Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars tried emulating the same basic formula, they all failed and are now remembered as flawed attempts to recreate the same experience.

I don’t think I’ve ever committed myself to playing a game like I did with the original Super Mario Bros. Every single character in the crossover has multiple moves that are easy to pull off but are hard to master, making the title highly accesible. I haven’t played any of the subsequent releases in the series but even if do one thing’s for sure, there will be nothing like the original Super Smash Bros.