Valkyria Chronicles III Not Coming to America or Europe

American and European fans of Valkyria Chronicles shouldn’t expect a localized version of the latest entry in the series any time soon. One of the most anticipated titles of the portable console was Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles, but according to GameSpot, Sega has officially confirmed that they won’t be publishing the title in America and Europe.

If we really think about it, this isn’t really surprising as the latest PSP titles haven’t been selling well for the past few months. That is one of the reasons why Valkyria Chronicles 3 will not be published in those territories, which is unfortunate as most fans of the series were expecting the publisher to make an exception with this title.

Sega’s team manager Hiroshi Seno stated that the game won’t be localized in North America and Europe as the handheld console isn’t popular enough and if the localized version of the game doesn’t sell as expected this wouldn’t justify the cost. In his statement Seno made reference to previous games in the series not selling so well, particularly Valkyria Chronicles II, which was also released on the PSP.

Fortunately, Sega is currently negotiating with Sony whether to publish the game as a downloadable version for the upcoming PlayStation Vita. If this happens and the game ends up being released on PSN, fans of the series still have a chance to experience the title on the new handheld.

The original Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Sega for the PlayStation 3. The game is set in Europa, a region loosely based in Europe in 1935. There, the nation of Gallia is attacked by the East European Imperial Alliance, as the latter wants the Ragnite ore (read: petroleum) the former has. The player controls various units from Gallia as they try to repel the invasion. Valkyria Chronicles has been universally praised for the impressive use of its graphics engine, top-notch gameplay and amazing soundtrack. Unfortunately, the game sold poorly in North America but this didn’t stop Sega from developing a sequel.

Interestingly enough, Valkyria Chronicles II was exclusively released for the PlayStation Portable.  The title is set two years after the events of the first game and it follows the story of some students of a military academy as they try to prevent an attack of a rebel group. Most of the gameplay elements of the first game were retained in this sequel. Additionally, the game became a huge success in Japan but it also sold poorly in American and European territories.

Valkyria Chronicles III was released on January 27, 2011 in Japan for the PSP. The game is considered a side story of the first game in the series and it tells the plot of the Gallian Army during the Invasion of 1935. In Japan, the title sold around 100,000 copies surpassing the initial sales of all the previous games in the franchise. As a consequence of its success, two OVA (original video animations) episodes based on the series were released in Japan.