Video Game Theater – Half-Life: Origins

For the past few years there have been many fan made films based on Half-Life 2, but not many of them take into account the events of the first title in the series. Half-Life: Origins is one of those few films as it follows Gordon Freeman during a recreation of the introduction of the first Half-Life. The short film is really good and even though it doesn’t replicate the feeling of the introductory scene of the game, it’s really well done. Origins has been directed by the same talented person who created the highly praised Beyond Black Mesa.

It’s great to know that even though huge Hollywood companies aren’t taking many risks at least independent filmmakers are, and small projects like Mortal Kombat: Rebirth have proven that it’s possible to do a trailer that may become a full length film without compromising the source material. Many fans have always wanted a film based on the Half-Life franchise, but personally I don’t think the game can translate well into a film even when there are some impressive short movies like Escape from City 17. I guess eventually, one of these live-action movies will prove me wrong.

Here’s the video which has been taken from Machinima’s official You Tube channel: