Video Game Theater – Left 4 Dead Fan-Film Teaser

For the past few years, zombies have been a prominent part of the popular media, including books, comics, video games, films and television. As a consequence, many fans are growing weary of the inclusion of these fictional undead creatures in almost every single movie of either horror or fantasy. Nevertheless, Left 4 Dead was one of the few games that pretty much popularized zombies before every single writer, comic book artist, game developer or director thought about doing something with them. The first-person shooter title is still quite popular, even after a few years of its release and to celebrate the game’s popularity a group of fans created a very interesting trailer that was filmed in just a weekend. It’s worth pointing out that this fan-film teaser has been produced by Northern Five Entertainment and sponsored by Airsoft GI, an airsoft retailer.

The trailer itself looks amazing and really polished, mainly because it captures the post-apocalyptic atmosphere and the characters’ emotional poignancy so well. Personally and after watching this amazing teaser, I’m really looking forward to the fan-film itself.