Video Game Theater – Left 4 Dead: Impulse 76

Do you remember the superb teaser trailer that hinted an upcoming film based on Left 4 Dead? Well, the company in charge of this film finally released the complete version and it features three of the four main characters of the series (Zoey, Louis and Francis) as they move from one safe house to another and try to survive the zombie apocalypse. The short takes place after Bill has been killed and unfortunately, it seems like this decision was made because the team in charge couldn’t find anybody who resembled the character. Nevertheless, this is based on pure speculation and maybe I’m missing the point.

My first impression with the trailer couldn’t have been any better as the film has solid acting, myriad references to the source material, great soundtrack and some amazing action sequences. Nonetheless, after the long introduction there are a couple of cameo appearances, which in my opinion can only be described as extremely disappointing, especially considering the apparent serious tone of the teaser trailer. The first 6 minutes of the fan-made film were great, but after that the whole experience is pretty much ruined and the conclusion is poorly executed.