Video Game Theater – Mario: Game Over

Mario: Game Over is a live-action adventure short film based on the Super Mario Bros. franchise and created by POYKPAC, a Brooklyn-based comedy group. The short has a very simple plot and it’s hilariously funny as most jokes are extremely well delivered.

If you like comedy shorts based on games, it doesn’t get better than this. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Mario lived in Brooklyn? Here’s the answer:


Additional Information:
Writer/Director – Ryan Hunter
Camera – Jonny Gillette
Sound Editor – Taige Jensen
Editor/Special FX – Ryan Hunter
Costume – Jenn Lyon
Props – Taige Jensen & Ryan Hunter
Music – Luke Roberts

Mario – David Powell
Peach – Jenn Lyon
Luigi – Taige Jensen
Cop – Ryan Hunter
Fraidycat – Jonny Gillette