Alan Wake Coming to PC in Early 2012

It has finally been confirmed that the universally acclaimed psychological thriller developed by Remedy Entertainment will finally make it to the PC in early 2012. There have been many rumors about this for a while now and I guess the fact that Alan Wake is coming to the platform is only natural as it was originally going to be a PC-only release when it was first announced after an extremely long development cycle. The main reason why Remedy Entertainment announced this was because they previously worked on the Max Payne franchise that was originally released for the PC, though later on the games were ported to both the Xbox and the PlayStation 2.

Regarding Alan Wake, Remedy Entertainment decided to release it for the Xbox 360 as Microsoft thought that the console was more than suitable for that kind of “intimate experience” and the PC version of the title was questioned for a while and eventually the company said that its release was very unlikely. Additionally, Remedy Entertainment had a staff of 50 people working on the game and creating the PC version at the same time would have been quite difficult for them. Well, now all those fans of the genre or previous games of the developer will be happy to know that the PC version is definitely going to happen.

Despite the game having many good qualities like its gripping story, stunning graphics, engaging atmosphere, great pace and an amazing soundtrack, it wasn’t very successful and soon enough, a study showed that it was considered the second most pirated Xbox 360 game of 2010 as more than 1 million people downloaded it illegally, just behind Dante’s Inferno. It should be noted that this study based its research on the number of downloads of games on BitTorrent during that year, but concluding how many people were able to play those downloaded copies is utterly impossible. Although the game didn’t sell that much, it received two special episodes as DLC titled “The Signal” and “The Writer” which came out on the same year of the game’s release.

Furthermore, Alan Wake will receive a sequel in the form of an Xbox Live Arcade downloadable title called Alan Wake’s American Nightmare which will also be released in early 2012. There aren’t many details about the plot of the game, but it’s said that the upcoming title won’t reflect or affect the main story of the franchise and will only expand its universe. Remedy Entertainment has also confirmed that this will not be the last game in the series and that a sequel is being made.

The PC version of Alan Wake will be coming out in early 2012 and it’ll feature both downloadable content packs that were previously released for the Xbox 360 version.

Source: 1UP