Google Maps Play Your World Coming to Google+ in February

The Google Maps team has developed a new game based on the popular application. A teaser video has been released showing the basic functionality of the new game which apparently, takes data from Google Maps and “transforms” it into a cube. Then the player is required to balance the cube like in classics such as Marble Madness.

It’s worth pointing out that this game has been inspired by a video in which two actors manipulate a real-life 3D version of a map. The Google + library will expand with the release of this game which is coming February 2012 in addition to titles which are already part of Google’s social network such as Angry Birds, Zynga Poker, Dragon Age Legends, Bejeweled Blitz, CityVille, Uno Boost, Mafia Wars 2, Diamond Dash and Zombie Lane, among many others. Additionally, the game seems quite appropriate for the tablet or phone market mainly because it could make use of motion controls, so probably in the near future we’ll hear of an iOS port.

Finally, here’s the video that demonstrates the concept of the game along with the real-life 3D inspiration. Pay particular attention to the retro music of the former as it seems to have been taken from a 1980s arcade game.

Source: Kotaku