Skyrim’s PS3 Lag Getting Addressed in 1.4 Patch This Month

Many prestigious publications considered The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to be the best game of 2011 (including X-Play, Spike TV,, GameSpot, Giant Bomb, 1UP, Game Spy, Joystiq and so on and so forth,) but that doesn’t mean that the game was perfect, especially the PlayStation 3 version which has been having some major performance issues. The past month Bethesda launched a patch that was supposed to eradicate the lag problems that players of the PlayStation 3 version have been encountering, but unfortunately and even though the patch fixed some problems, the lag issues persisted. The American company now claims that they are going to address this in a new patch that will come out later this month.

Basically, after being asked about the lag issues on its official Twitter account, Bethesda stated that: “we’re addressing that in the 1.4 update planned for this month.” Playing the PlayStation 3 version of the game has been quite difficult for many players as even though some major inconsistencies have effectively been addressed some new ones have surfaced.  If this problem in particular is solved the game’s performance would become much more consistent as this issue has been an important one and pretty much breaks the game. Hopefully, the 1.4 patch will also include some other specific fixes.

When the game launched it had myriad technical issues that ranged from minor inconsistencies to much more significant problems. The texture down-scaling on the Xbox 360 was one of the earliest and most important ones, but it only happened when the game was run from the console’s hard drive, something that was necessary to avoid some of the long loading times. Then PlayStation 3 issues started appearing and included crashes, slowdowns and frame rate issues directly associated with the size of the save file. Basically, when a save file exceeded the 6MB the game started stuttering to a point where it was pretty much impossible to play. The 1.2 patch was supposed to take care of the problem and not only the problem persistent, but also introduced inconsistencies such as dragons that flew backwards. The 1.3 patch solved the dragons’ problems, but it forced players to restart the game every once in a while in order to play with no problems. New updates remedied some of these serious issues, while some others major ones persisted. Additionally, players started reporting that some other issues have become even more frequent after installing subsequent patches.

Many developers have tried explaining why these issues were occurring and Bethesda has been providing tips in order to lessen the gravity of the lag problems, such as disabling auto saves, making more space in the console’s hard drive and so on, but none of these effectively solved them. Let’s just hope that after two months, Bethesda finds a way to fix the lag issues.

Source: 1UP