Twisted Metal Will Include Twisted Metal: Black for Free

Twisted Metal is an upcoming vehicle combat game which is developed by Eat Sleep Play and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3. It has been officially confirmed that in addition to the regular copy of the game, the first pressing of Twisted Metal will include a free code to download Twisted Metal: Black, which was previously released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2.

Twisted Metal will be the eight installment in the franchise and even though the game was expected to come out in October 2011, it has been delayed to February 14th, 2012. According to David Jaffe, the title will have a similar story to previous games as different contestants will fight in Calypso’s Twisted Metal Tournament. Additionally, the upcoming title will only have a handful of characters which include Sweet Tooth, Dollface, Mr. Grimm and the Preacher and each one of them represents a different faction that can be selected to play online. It’s worth pointing out that the aforementioned characters will have a unique storyline that features multiple endings.

Furthermore, the gameplay is pretty much the same as the one from older installments and as usual, Twisted Metal will be best when playing with other people as it’s a multiplayer-oriented game. Although most modes have been described extensively, what you should know is that a 4 player split-screen mode will be present and that up to 16 players can play online. I’m pretty sure veterans of the series will really appreciate the fact that this upcoming vehicle combat title features a split-screen mode as it was extremely popular in the original PlayStation era.

Twisted Metal: Black on the other hand, was the fifth game in the franchise and at the time of its release it felt like the natural progression of the genre. Black was extremely well-received and it soon became part of Sony Greatest Hits program. Eventually, the game evolved into Twisted Metal: Black Online and as the name suggests it was an online-only variant of the same title. At the time, playing online meant getting a network adapter, having a good internet connection and taking some time to send a card to Sony to get the game (Black Online was a free title if you got the regular edition, though it was later released with the network adaptor,) but the experience it offered was quite unique and one that couldn’t be found on other console games. The main concept and story was adapted from previous games, but controls were very responsive, difficulty was balanced, graphics were really detailed, levels were extremely inspired, the eerie music complemented the atmosphere quite well and the dark tone added a gloomy ambience that made it even more distinctive.

For all those who haven’t played this game (including myself,) it’s great to hear that the new Twisted Metal is offering Black in the same package for free. Finally, it should be taken into account that the freebie will be the original, regular edition and not the online version.

Source: GameSpot

Here’s the video in which David Jaffe makes the official announcement. Note that the video can be found on the official PlayStation Blog.