Indie Games – Never Alone Hotline

Never Alone Hotline is confusing, short and extremely original. The basic plot of this indie game is quite simple: you assume the role female worker called Severine who answers the calls of lonely people. They talk about their lives, their problems or they simply say whatever crosses their minds. In addition, the main story and characters are extremely charming, as each caller has something interesting or meaningful to say. You’ll listen to a woman who is trying to communicate with his dead husband, a guy who has just been dumped by the love of his life, a pervert who just wants to listen to dirty words, a man who is about to commit suicide and even a kitten. The way in which Severine responds is up to you as there are multiple lines of dialogue to choose from to continue each conversation.

The dialogue is consistently funny and smartly written even when there are some minor grammatical inconsistencies. Never Alone Hotline is also short enough to finish it in one sitting, but there are also different lines of dialogue that can be chosen, encouraging you to replay it at least a second time. Although the name of the game may suggest something else, the underlying plot is actually really sweet.

For those interested in trying this game go to Ludum Dare’s official website where you can download it for free.