Indie Games – Run, Jesus Run: a.k.a. the 10 Second Gospel

Run Jesus Run may not be for everybody, but it’s a very interesting game all the same. According to its official website, this title was created in just 4 days for the Experimental Gameplay Project under the theme “10 seconds.” For those who are not familiar with the aforementioned project you should know that it is a friendly competition in which coders, designers and programmers are encouraged to make a game based on a theme. The competition takes place on a monthly basis and the completed games (which have to be made by exactly one person) are posted on the official website at the end of the month.

As for Run Jesus Run, this side-scrolling, 8-Bit experience does in fact take 10 seconds, but finding out what you’re supposed to do will force you to restart a couple of times. Nevertheless, try not going to YouTube to look for an easy solution, as once you know what to do this title can be quite rewarding. Controls are extremely simple as you use the arrow keys to run and the spacebar to “do Jesus things.” Music is quite catchy (the title of the song featured in the game is “Jesus is a Friend of Mine”) and faithfully accompanies on your short journey. For those who usually complain about not having time to play video games, here’s your game.

Finally, here’s the link to the official website where you can find two executable files with the game, one for Windows users (2.4MB) and one for Mac users (5.6MB.)