Minecraft Creator Promises to Help Make Psychonauts Sequel

As most of you probably know, Psychonauts is a cult hit created by Tim Schafer and released in 2005. Schafer has expressed interest in making a sequel numerous times, but unfortunately the project lacks proper funding. Nevertheless, a proper sequel may become a reality soon as Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has offered his help (read: money.)

Persson basically replied to Double Fine founder Tim Shafer on Twitter stating “Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen.” Later on he added, “Also, I’m serious.”

The tweets were a response to an interview that Schafer gave to Digital Spy in which the talented developer stated he had pitched the idea several times, but without any luck. At the same time, he said that sometimes it’s really hard to explain how difficult the business works and even though fans demand a new sequel, making it happen isn’t as easy as it seems. “I would love to do Psychonauts 2, I’ve actually pitched that to publishers several times and no-one has taken the bait so far,” Schafer said. It’s worth pointing out that the focus of Double Fine has changed over the past few years as they are trying to develop smaller games that are widely appealing and may be distributed through the downloadable market. As a consequence, the small developer isn’t quite ready to start a big project of this kind.

“I’d love to do that game, but I’d have to convince someone to just give me a few million dollars, that’s all,” the developer finally added.

Psychonauts is considered one of the most under-appreciated titles of the past few years and as it didn’t sell well enough, a proper sequel never actually happened. When it came out, the game was released for the original Xbox, PlayStation 2 and PC, and last year it even received a Mac version. Since then, Psychonauts has been made available on some of the most popular downloadable platforms, including Steam, Good Old Games, Xbox Live Marketplace and on the GameTap subscription service, so there is no excuse not to play this title.

The game follows the story of Raz (also known as Razputin,) a young boy who has psychic powers and escapes from a circus to sneak into a summer camp where there are people with similar powers. In this place, Raz intends to become a “Psychonaut.” The game mixes action and puzzle-solving and as previous titles written by Tim Schafer (like Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango and Trenched among many others,) its storytelling is solid and dialogues are extremely humorous.

As somebody who has really enjoyed Tim Schafer’s work since the old Lucas Arts era, I sincerely hope that this project eventually becomes a reality. If both Mojang and Double Fine Productions end up combining their talent to make a Psychonauts 2… well, go ahead, take my money already.

Source: GameSpot