Minecraft Not Coming to the PlayStation Vita

Personally, I’ve always found the idea of playing titles with sandbox building elements extremely captivating. Two clears examples are Terraria and Minecraft, but my problem with those games in particular is that I don’t have that much time to play them on my PC. The solution to this would be to get a portable version. Unfortunately, Terraria is only available on the PC and Minecraft is not going to come out on any dedicated handheld game systems as Mojang has officially stated that they are not going to release their popular title on the upcoming PlayStation Vita.

Sony’s new console is going to be released in North America and Europe next week and even though this new handheld is getting many interesting games and ports, Minecraft won’t be one of them. It’s worth pointing out that Minecraft has come out for portable systems such as the Android, iOS and the Xperia Play (which interestingly enough is a Sony Ericsson product) and even though this version of the game lacks certain features that are present on the PC, playing the Pocket Edition is still quite engaging.

This mobile version of the independent game is $6.99 and a free demo version is also available. The sandbox environment is pretty much the same as the one in the regular edition, the game has survival features, the multiplayer portion is cross-platform compatible allowing users from Android and iOS to interact with each other and the Classic mode has also been included. On the other hand, the game lacks a visible sky, the Classic mode has fewer features than the PC version, spawn points can’t be set and each server supports up to five players. Still, new updates are expected to come out regularly to eradicate some of the existing bugs and inconsistencies along with the inclusion of new additions.

I believe that putting out Minecraft on the PlayStation Vita would be great as the system has two analog sticks and buttons and this control scheme seems particularly suitable for a three dimensional game of this kind. Furthermore, requirements wouldn’t be a problem for a dedicated handheld game system like the Vita. Although this game won’t be coming to Sony’s new handheld, Mojang’s next title called Scrolls may still be released for it. Scrolls will be a role-playing game which combines various elements from dissimilar genres such as trading card, traditional board and strategy games. The game is currently being developed using the Unity engine which will allow it to run on various platforms. Finally, it’s worth pointing out that Mojang has been involved in a legal battle with Bethesda regarding the game’s title and Mojang won the legal dispute and as a consequence they’ll be using the name for their upcoming game.

Source: GameSpot