Top 5: PSOne Classics That Should Be on PSN

The PlayStation Network has a wide variety of titles that can be played seamlessly on current Sony platforms like the PS3, PSP and the Vita. But even though the service features many incredible titles at a great price, there are many others which haven’t been published yet. It’s worth pointing out that this short list won’t be focusing on all the obscure and rare titles that are currently unavailable even on physical format, instead it intends to be a concise list of some of the titles that usually come up whenever someone mentions PSN lacking certain classics.


5) Digimon World 3

Ah, my guilty pleasure. First of all I should say that this game isn’t for everybody and it has received low scores. Now, keeping that in mind here’s what you should know about the title: Digimon World 3 is a role-playing game in which your avatar is transported into a virtual world inhabited by creatures known as Digimon. In this place you make friends, witness terrorist attacks, train your little monsters and ultimately save the internet. This RPG perfectly replicates that feeling of being transported into a massively multiplayer online game. That is one of the multiple interesting concepts that the game has and even though the combat becomes extremely repetitive soon, this is one of those games that I would definitely like to see on PSN.


4) Policenauts

I must admit that I’ve never played this game in my life, but there are a couple of reasons for that. First, Policenauts has become one of the rarest titles in the original PlayStation as a used copy of this game is around $200. Although it initially came out for the PC-9821 platform, the game was later on ported to the 3DO, Sega Saturn and the PlayStation. This leads me to my second reason for not playing the game: Policenauts never came out of Japan and the only available translations were made by fans. As a fan of both Hideo Kojima and point-and-click adventures I definitely want to play this game, but unfortunately a US release is quite unlikely.


3) Legend of Dragoon

Legend of Dragoon is a role-playing game developed and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Yes, Sony developed and published this game and for some reason this title is still unavailable on their digital service. Legend of Dragoon has an interesting combat system, great characters and a deep story. There are many role-playing game titles on PSN and I’m pretty sure this one will eventually come to the service.


2) Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (series)

This is one of the best series to have ever graced the original PlayStation. The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games were really innovative and were the first ones to prove that a skateboarding title was not only possible, but could also appeal to almost everyone, even those who weren’t fans of the sport. There are a couple of reasons why I don’t think we’ll be seeing a PSN version of these titles. First of all, the games’ controls. Both the PSP and the Vita lack R2 and L2 buttons and those are absolutely necessary for some specific combos. Second of all, acquiring the license of these games would mean getting the license of their soundtracks, something that Sony is not willing to do as it would be overly expensive.


1) Mega Man Legends (series)

Although I’ve never been a fan of the Mega Man games I would really like to play the Legends series. Unfortunately, these titles are not currently available on PSN. One of the reasons why the Mega Man Legends series became really successful was because it mixed action with RPG elements in 3D environments. Now that it has been officially confirmed that the third iteration of this series isn’t going to come out any time soon, it would be great if at least we could play the first two iterations on a current Sony system.


Honorable Mention:

These are some of the titles that were also considered for the list, but for different reasons didn’t make it to the final cut: Valkyrie Profile, Suikoden II, Tomba, Galerians, Dragon Quest VII, Persona II: Eternal Punishment, Diablo, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, RPG Maker, Ape Escape, Driver, Driver 2, Dead or Alive, Front Mission 1st, Warcraft II: The Dark Saga, Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, Tenchu: Birth of the Stealth Assassins, Tales of Destiny, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and Vandal Hearts among many, many others. If your favorite game wasn’t featured on this list don’t worry, at one point in the near future I’ll either update this one or create a similar one.