Top 5: PSP Games Not Available on the PlayStation Network

The PlayStation Network has a really solid library of games and in addition, many titles that were previously unavailable have recently been added. Nevertheless, there are still multiple titles that aren’t available on the digital service. I’m pretty sure now that the PlayStation Vita is out in America, Sony will keep updating their service and some of these titles will become available soon. Still, here’s a list which includes some of the games that are currently unavailable on the PlayStation Network:


5) Metal Gear Acid

There was a time when Konami thought the PSP couldn’t handle a regular Metal Gear Solid and as a consequence the company ended up developing a weird strategy game that ended up being great. Instead of focusing on stealth mechanics Metal Gear Acid is a turn-based collectible card game. All the characters’ actions and movements are determined by the trading-card system and the game features deck optimization elements. The original Metal Gear Acid was quite well received and a sequel was released.


4) Lumines

The original Lumines is one of the best puzzle games ever created and reviewers have compared it to classics such as Tetris. Later on, a sequel came out also on the PlayStation Portable. These titles are quite unique because they mix dissimilar elements like puzzles with sound and light patterns. Even after many years of these games’ release there hasn’t been anything quite like them. Thankfully, Lumines Electric Symphony was released on February 14, 2012 for the PlayStation Vita.


3) Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

The battle system in the Kingdom Hearts series has always been extremely engaging and every game in the franchise has tweaked this element, making it more polished and fun. In addition , every iteration has also succeed at combining the Final Fantasy and Disney franchises, becoming one of the best crossover titles ever made. The PSP game also has multiplayer options, new characters and settings and an engrossing story.


2) Rock Band Unplugged

It should be noted that there is a Rock Band Unplugged version that has been released on PSN. That version is called Lite and it only includes 5 songs and players are expected to buy additional songs for 1.99 each. I guess this makes sense for both Harmonix and Sony, but considering that the full retail version of the game has 41 master tracks and in addition, users can get more songs in the form of DLC, the Lite version seems ridiculously expensive and woefully inadequate. This is probably the game that makes the most sense releasing digitally, but unfortunately I don’t think that will happen any time soon.


1) Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

As you may have guessed from this short list, Square Enix isn’t very comfortable releasing its most beloved PSP franchises on PSN. Crisis Core has always been the reason to get a PSP instead of a PSP Go. For many this is the best game in the PlayStation catalogue and it’s simply a shame that it hasn’t received a digital release yet. Moreover, Crisis Core is the most important game released as part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and it’s a prequel to the aforementioned classic. The game focuses on Zach Fair, a young member from SOLDIER which is part of the Shinra Electric Power Company. Crisis Core is much more than fan service, as this title has an engrossing storyline, superb graphics and a great combat system. Maybe Crisis Core is eventually coming to PSN, who knows? But in any case, if you are thinking about buying a Vita and you haven’t played this game, I wouldn’t sell my old PSP yet.


Honorable mention:

These are the games that were considered for the list, but unfortunately didn’t make it to the final cut: Final Fantasy I and II, Mega Man Powered Up, Crush, Star Ocean: First Departure and Second Evolution and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force series.