Blizzard Considers World of Warcraft for iPhone

World of Warcaft is currently considered the world’s most-subscribed massively multiplayer online role-playing game ever created. The popular title peaked at 10.2 million subscribers on December 2011 and even though numbers have been decreasing since then, the game is still an undeniable smashing success. But now that smartphones and tablets are becoming not only more popular, but also extremely powerful big companies like Blizzard are considering adapting their franchises to fit the screen of these mobile devices. Recently, senior World of Warcraft producer John Lagrave stated in a Eurogamer interview that Blizzard has been exploring the possibility of converting their MMO for the iPhone and other devices.

Additionally, the senior producer also confirmed that if an actual version of the title was to be made, it won’t be available until they believe that it has the quality it deserves. But how would such a huge title work on an iPhone? Lagrave made reference to some game mechanics (like fishing or the upcoming pet battle system) that would translate better than others. Still, the idea of playing a game like World of Warcraft on an airport or at a friend’s house seems extremely appealing, especially if we take into account the amount of content the game and all its expansions have to offer.

iOS devices and Android phones are becoming more common and most analysts suggest that in the next few years, they will continue to sell at a steady pace and will eventually surpass netbook and notebook sales. If this statement is to be believed, most video game companies shouldn’t be ignoring the possibility of releasing their games on iOS and Android. Still, MMORPGs represent uncharted territory when it comes to portable devices and the only title in the genre that immediately comes to mind is Gameloft’s Order and Chaos Online a World of Warcraft clone that has become quite successful. It’s worth pointing out that there are many other MMO titles available for iOS (like Traveller AR, Pocket Legends and Unrufen among some others,) but none of them have the scope of Order and Chaos Online.

Even if World of Warcraft doesn’t come out for a long time, one thing’s for sure: no longer do players need a keyboard and mouse to enjoy their favorite MMOs and as long as they have their phones and a 3G or wireless connection they will be able to play on the go. But what do you think of this? Do you have an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad? If you do, would you like to play an MMO like World of Warcraft on it? Please, feel free to share your point of view in the comments section.