Good Old Games Becomes GOG and Receives Newer Indie Games

Good Old Games has become one of the biggest and most consistent game distribution services that you can find. Of course no service can actually compete with huge platforms like Steam or Origin, but that has never been Good Old Games’ main objective either. Instead, the service tried selling DRM-free versions of games along with some interesting extras that came free of charge. So apart from getting a copy of the game you got soundtracks, digital versions of manuals, maps and so on and so forth. But I it was only a matter of time before the digital service started expanding and fortunately for those who want a new platform where they can download both classic and independent games, Good Old Games will change its name to GOG and will start publishing newer indie titles at a low price.

All these changes took place on March 27, 2012 at exactly 9:00 AM GMT as part of the relaunch of the website. Additionally, GOG published new titles such as Trine and The Whispered World, while some other games such as Machinarium: Collector’s Edition, SpaceChem and Darwinia are coming soon. It’s worth pointing out that most titles are available for $5.99 or $9.99, so for those interested in getting them, go to the official site. Furthermore, fans of classic titles shouldn’t worry as GOG has officially confirmed that they are still going to release at least one old game a week.

So what’s in the future for GOG? Well, now that we know that the site won’t be as niche as it used to be, I personally believe that one of the main draws of using the service will continue to be the fact that all those games are DRM-free. The thought of downloading a title and being able to play it even if you don’t have an internet connection, back it up in case something happens or install it on more than one computer is definitely an amazing idea. As somebody who plays a lot of old games and loves initiatives like the Humble Indie Bundles, I think GOG is just amazing.

Finally, there are still many classic games that aren’t available on GOG yet so I’m going to make a personal top 5 of old titles that I believe should be included in it in the near future:

  • System Shock
  • System Shock 2
  • Grim Fandango
  • Doom
  • Day of the Tentacle