Indie Games – Canabalt

Canabalt proves that sometimes the simplest games are the ones that can offer the most addictive and enthralling experiences you can find. In this platformer the only thing you have to know is that one button is used for jumping and… well, that’s pretty much it. The main objective of the flash game is to leap from building to building in order to maintain the momentum and get the furthest from the starting line as possible. In addition, there are various obstacles which have been strategically placed before you and these objects may be used to slow down your pace, giving you enough time to calculate certain jumps. Interestingly enough, this simple concept not only is extremely appealing, but also quite thrilling and intense.

Created by Adam Saltsman, Canabalt has been ported to the iOS where it quickly became a mobile sensation. The flash platformer is also available in the European PlayStation Store as a PlayStation Mini and it’s compatible with the PS3, PSP and PS Vita. Additionally, it has been officially announced that the title will arrive to North America this week. Canabalt is currently available for £1.74, €1.99 or AU $3.45 on PSN and the iOS version can be downloaded for $2.99.

Fortunately for PC users, Canabalt can be played for free on its official website. Before you actually play the title there is something you should know, the soundtrack (which was created by Danny Baranowsky) is absolutely hypnotic.