Indie Games – Insidia

A traveler is on a journey through a galaxy when suddenly, a meteor hits his spaceship. As a consequence of the impact, he lands on a strange planet. Now the only way to leave this hostile place is by collecting a set of repair kits that are scattered across a cave-like maze. There are 10 repair kits and 10 hidden switches. The former allow you to see the ending of the game, but if you manage to find the latter you’ll be able to unlock an alternate, more rewarding ending.

In addition, there are various abilities that can be obtained in the form of items. When you find these you may jump higher, run faster, double jump, grab walls and so on and so forth. Although these upgrades are absolutely necessary to finish the game, at no point did I get lost or didn’t know where I was supposed to go next. The map is masterfully designed and each area naturally leads to the next, preventing further frustrations. Furthermore and as in most platform titles, there are various hazards that will try to prevent you from achieving your ultimate goal. Crazy colossal beasts will attack you, worms will try to eat you, vicious dogs will bite you and big monkeys will throw massive rocks at you.

In the end, I found this indie title quite enjoyable and I was able to finish the whole experience in about 10 to 15 minutes. I never got extremely frustrated (even when I died a couple of times,) and I even got all the hidden switches. It should be noted that if you die (and I’m pretty sure at one point you will,) the game sends you to the last save and considering that there are so many of these checkpoints, you aren’t likely to replay whole sections all over again.

Insidia (Flash)