Indie Games – Small Worlds

small worlds

Created by David Shute for the Casual Gameplay Design Competition, Small Worlds is an independent PC game in which the player is encouraged to explore. And explore you do. The main objective of this flash game is to guide a character through various small worlds and find a door or portal to move on to the next place. As you move on and continue exploring, the different environments keep getting bigger and bigger. The art of the game is very pixelated and some beautiful tunes accompany you on your journey. Kevin MacLeod was in charge of the hypnotizing soundtrack and in my opinion he did a great job as the music definitely enhances the sense of exploration.

Additionally, controls are pretty simple (you move your character with the arrows or WASD keys,) but they may become frustrating at times. Describing this game extensively would simply ruin your experience so be sure to try Small Worlds for free at its official website.