Quantic Dream’s Kara Will Toy with Your Emotions, but You Won’t Mind

French developer Quantic Dream is widely known for creating two of the most cinematic and dramatic graphic adventures ever: Indigo Prophecy (known as Fahrenheit in Europe) and Heavy Rain. Both of these games were critically acclaimed, but apart from developing games, the company has also been working on a game engine that uses new motion capture technology on the PlayStation 3. In order to promote the use of this interesting technology, Quantic Dream recently released an incredibly realistic tech demo (called Kara) which definitely proves that the PlayStation 3 is still one of the most powerful consoles of our current generation.

In this short, we see an Android named Kara (voiced by Valerie Curry) as it is built from scratch and tested by an operator. Soon enough, we discover that the Android starts showing human qualities. To clearly understand what the trailer means you’ll have to experience it by yourself as spoiling it here would be pointless. It should be noted that the short (which runs in real-time) was made about a year ago, when this technology was in early development so this represents just a prototype and not an actual game. Since then, the untitled engine has been tested extensively and some improvements have been made.

Note that the video has been taken directly from the Official PlayStation Blog channel on YouTube.